Pets Care

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Step 1: Splash Screen will appear for few seconds.
Step 2: Welcome page will come with five options such as Better Pet Care, Pet Care Facts, Guide & Support, Terms & Conditions and Exit Application.
Step 3: On clicking of [Better Pet Care] option, second menu will appear, where the user can select the sub-menus to know some awesome as well as interesting tips and information to know more about this interesting topic, PETS CARE which will help those people who loves nature, animals and wishing to keep their pet safe and secure. It will help the user in various ways as per their need.
Step 4: Pet Care Facts will provide you some of the best facts to take care of some of your favorite pets.
Step 5: Guide & Support option will explain about the application and how to use it.
Step 6 : Terms & Conditions will explain about the terms and conditions of the company.
Step 7 : Exit Application option will help the user to close the application..

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