30 Minute Beach Body: Discover The Real Secrets To Six Pack Abs

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Lose weight, get fitter, tone up in under 90 minutes a week AND still enjoy the food you love!

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“A great book to get you motivated and give you the drive to start making changes in order to lose weight. Simple instruction on the effective use of the TRX and fantastic nutritional advice. All in all a concise guide to help you achieve the body you desire” Leah P. (UK)

“I read this book from cover to cover in about a couple of hours, and I have to say I was glued to it from the very first page, This book is crammed full of interesting and useful information that you can easily action if you have the desire to do so. Everything contained within is crystal clear, – from the sensible way it’s all laid out, to the helpful suggestions for improving your own personal nutrition, well-being and fitness.” Paul H (Australia)

“One thing that particularly struck me whilst reading this book was how simple it really is to lose weight and improve fitness just by following certain easy guidelines! I particularly enjoyed the style of the book – simple and no nonsense facts mixed with a little wit for good measure, and how refreshing to read that you don’t have to give up everything you love to eat! The TRX suspension training system is well explained with photos and explanations, it looks rather fun” Rose R (UK)

“If you are one of those people always thinking, ‘Why am I not losing weight?’ Then this Ebook is for you! It provides a great insight into where most of us, including myself, go wrong. Not only what we eat but also exercise techniques. As a mum of two I find it hard to maintain a so called ‘healthy’ diet and fit in exercise but with the TRX and this Ebook it is so simple and you don’t have to spend hours exercising, actually the opposite. Combining great exercises to work out your whole body, that you can do almost anywhere.” Lauren B (UK)

People have been using their own body weight for years as a form of resistance training and the trend is growing

30 Minute Beach Body introduces you to the world that is TRX

Its the most portable and versatile piece of exercise equipment you’ll ever use. The book helps you to understand the science behind weight loss, a thorough understanding on the importance of nutrition and hydration to help you to lose weight, before introducing you to the TRX. There’s a detailed introduction to the TRX Suspension Training System, its history, it benefits, set up and use.

You’ll learn a full body workout program and a full Abs workout to get you used to it

Both include pictures and instructions of how to carry out each exercise.

You can comfortably do a TRX full body workout in under 30 minutes and because you can adjust the intensity and effort of each exercise, you can work at a pace that’s right for you. By engaging more of your body doing the exercises, you burn more calories and lose weight more effectively.

Discover its versatility

TRX suspension training can help you to lose weight, its versatile enough for you to do exercises at home and with guidance on the habits of healthy eating, the beach body you’re looking for isn’t far away.. The TRX can be used indoors from a suitable door, or outdoors in your garden/backyard, local park, basketball court, or a suitable tree. Its compact enough to fit in your bag or suitcase to take away with you so you can fit in a quick 10 minute burst of exercise. It really is a lot of fun. The use of bodyweight training is growing in popularity, so why not enjoy exercising at home or in the most natural way.

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