Book Sidekick: Catching Fire: The Hunger Games

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WARNING: This is not the actual book Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. Do not buy this reading Sidekick if you are looking for a full copy of this great book. This analysis of Catching Fire is a great companion read as you further explore the world of Panem and witness the start of a civil war. Follow Katniss Everdeen’s story of survival and rebellion in Catching Fire, the second book in Suzanne Collins’ “Hunger Games” trilogy. This story captures the beginning of the revolution against the Capitol in post-apocalyptic Panem. After surviving in the arena as tributes, Katniss and Peeta Mellark encounter stronger foes in their next challenge. Collins moves the story forward with clear and concise language that is easy to read. Catching Fire appeals to a range of audiences with elements of action, science fiction, and romance. Take a closer look at the main characters as you compare the similarities and differences of Panem and modern America. Katniss continues narrating her story with sarcastic tones, but her compassion seeps through as she fights to save her life and the lives of loved ones. Catching Fire educates teens about political revolution with an engaging story that appeals to adults as well. Witness Katniss’ struggles in the oppressive world of segregated districts and an overbearing Capitol before you catch the film on the big screen.

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